Ladies -Events 2019

2019 was a great year!

As usual Mark created delicious Christmas lunches.


Ladies Annual Dinner

Friday 1st November 2019

We had a fantastic evening at ESMS Pavillion with great company & a delicious meal. This is the 5th year running that we have held our dinner there and it surpassed our expectations! Here’s a few photos however many more are on display on the revolving photo frame in the Ladies’ Locker room.









CLOSING DAY – Rugby World Cup on 26th October 2019

Another lovely sunny afternoon with a fun competition. Teams representing Wales, Springboks, AllBlacks & England played a Texas Scramble. At the 9th we had a novelty pitch into a net with a rugby shaped golf ball! Unfortunately nobody managed to hit the net, there’s always next time!


In 2019 one of our chosen charities was Fresh Start, an Edinburgh based charity that helps people who have been homeless make a home for themselves. They can help the person to decorate, offer them ‘starter packs’ of pans, crockery, bedding etc and can even teach them to cook.

  Helen Maxwell, Lady Captain, presented them with a cheque for £500 from the Ladies Section.

STRAWBERRY TEA on 21st August 2019

As a thank you to all our volunteers at the Ladies Open & Invitation the Committee hosts a ‘Strawberry Tea’. We played a fun 9-hole Texas Scramble followed by a fantastic tea made by Mark & the kitchen staff.





A fun day trying our hand at bowling on 16th August 2019

Thanks to Blackhall Bowling Club for allowing us to try out bowling. It was a great afternoon in the sun again!









The Ladies’ Annual Outing  Thursday 8th August 2019

What a fantastic day we had for our annual outing at Winterfield Golf Club near Dunbar. The sun shone, the food was excellent & there was even some very good golf!

The 1st was a bit daunting!                                                                                                A well earned drink in the sun!





Well done to Camilla Leslie, who won the Dot Liddel Bowl, with 38 points, and to runner-up Yvonne Barrie (35 pts).

The winning team of Winnie Wilson, Liz East & Yvonne Barrie and the runners-up were Anne Thomson, Brenda Wingate & Helen Abernethy. The Longest Drive went to Shona Morland & Nearest the pin was Katy Lessells. Well done to you all!

Ladies’ Captain v Secretary Match Saturday 10th August 2019

Another wonderful day in the sun, with the clouds only coming over when we had finished our tea & cake! This year the Captain’s team won 4 1/2 to 2 1/2. Well don Captain’s team!


In tribute to Sheila Wylie, who died last year in her 90th year (& was still playing golf), her family donated a beautiful silver trophy. A 9-hole mixed competition was held for this on Friday 21st June & won by Jason Murray with 23 points.

Pictured here are 2 of her daughters with the trophy.

Caitlin Dodds, a younger member of Ravelston, won a bronze medal in the Special Olympics at Abu Dhabi.  To mark her achievement Andrew Macdonald presented her with a voucher from the Club.


Ladies Daffodil Tea – 7th March 2019

An wonderful afternoon was enjoyed by some senior ladies & past Captains, with great company, excellent food prepared by Mark & beautiful tables.

2019 Results

(NB not all results will be published here)

All competition results can be found on the Ladies Noticeboard or on the HowDidIDo Website 


Lady Champion   –   Paula McDougall

Runner Up     –      Katie Darling

Bronze Champion      –      Kirsty McCulloch

Bronze Runner Up    –    Susan Owen

A very well done to you all and to all our qualifiers.


Ladies’ Invitation Greensomes, 21st May 2019

1st Handicap – Alison Clark & Jill Shepherdson (Murrayfield) Net 64.6

2nd Handicap – Winnie Wilson & Lynn Brown (Dundas Parks) Net 69.2

3rd Handicap – Liz Findlay & Karen Craig (Prestonfield) Net69.4

4th Handicap – Moira Innes & Alicia Todd (Liberton) Net69.6

5th Handicap – Kirsty McCulloch & SandraMurdoch (Prestonfield)  Net 69.8

Scratch – Frances Douglas & Linda Weyms (Broomieknowe) Gross 83

Nearest the Pin on 9th – Lynn Brown (Dundas Parks)

Winter Foursomes

Winners – Gillian Pritchard & Alison Clark;  Runners up – Fiona Darling & Jennifer MacDonald

Consolation Plate

Winners – Anne Boobis & Helen Maxwell;  Runners up – May Smith & Jean Cooper

Winter League

Winning Team – Team 4

Individual Silver Winner – Gillian Pritchard & Individual Bronze Winner – Alison Harrington

Coronation Foursomes

1st     Margaret Barr & Marjorie Vennelle

2nd  Janet Price & Gill Kelleher

3 Club Competition – Saturday 23rd March 2019

1st        Jennifer MacDonald     35 pts

2nd   Liz East   34 pts

Ladies’ February Stableford

Saturday, 23rd February 2019

18 hole competition

1st       Agnes Miller     39 pts

2nd     Katy Lessells     36 pts

9 hole competition

1st    Sheila MacKenzie     21 pts

2nd    Louise Madeley     18 pts



Ladies’ January Stableford

Saturday, 12th January 2019

18 hole competition

1st       Janet Price     40 pts

2nd     Pat Forsyth     37 pts

3rd     Liz East     34 pts

9 hole competition

1st    Val Muldoon     16 pts

2nd     Anne Boobis     15 pts

3rd     Gillian Pritchard     14 pts


2018 Results


Ladies’ November Stableford Medal

Saturday, 3rd November 2018

No shows  –  very poor weather


Ladies’ October Medal

Saturday, 13th October 2018

No shows  –  very poor weather



The Dorothy Silver Trophy  –  Ladies’ Medal and Cup Winners’ Trophy

Saturday, 22nd September 2018

Congratulations to the winner – Sarah McLean   68 Nett



September Medal  –  Saturday, 1st September 2018

Silver Division

1st Handicap      Frances Douglas   70 Nett

2nd Handicap    (Less than 10 players – not awarded)

 Scratch     Fran Maclean     84 Gross

Bronze Division

1st Handicap     Camilla Leslie    71 Nett

(Better Inward Half)

2nd Handicap    Gill Kelleher     71 Nett

Scratch     Pat Forsyth     94 Gross



Ladies’ Autumn Meeting  –  Saturday, 25th August 2018

Silver Division

1st Handicap     Susan Gardiner    67 Nett

2nd Handicap    Gillian Pritchard     70 Nett

Scratch     Paula McDougall    77 Gross

Bronze Division

Scratch    Margaret Barr   94 Gross

1st Handicap    Fiona Fraser    73 Nett

2nd Handicap    Susan Owen    74 Nett



Ladies’ 9 Hole Stableford  –   Tuesday, 21st August 2018

1st     Yvonne Barrie     18 points  (card play off)

2nd     Isla Inglis    18 points

3rd     Joan Kirkness      18 points


Ladies’ Outing to Kinross GC , Bruce Course  –  Thursday, 16th August 2018

Winner of The Dot Liddel Trophy   –    Alison Harrington   37  points

Runner Up  (BIH)    –     Agnes Miller     32  points

Winning Team    –     “Bruce Encounters of the Challenging Kind” alias Agnes Miller, Alison Harrington, Margaret Allen        80 points

 Runners Up Team    –   “The Handmaiden’s Tale End!” alias Susan Gardiner, Jane Crispin, Ann Hunter

 78 points

Nearest the 16th Pin    –   Gillian Pritchard



Spanswick Trophy and Macmillan Spoon  –  Tuesday, 14th August 2018

1st   Ali Bruff    39 points

2nd   Katy Lessells   37 points

3rd    Kirsty McCulloch   36 points



Captain’s Team    Vs    Secretary’s Team  –   Saturday, 11th August 2018

Result    5 -4  to the Secretary’s Team

Well done to the “Blues”



Secretary’s Team

Captain’s Team







August Medal  –  Tuesday, 11th August 2018

Silver Division

1st     Agnes Miller    69 Nett

2nd   Katie Darling    69 Nett

No scratch result as there were only 8 silver division players

Bronze Division

1st   Gill Kelleher    69 Nett

 2nd    Liz Aitken   70 Nett

Scratch   Pat Forsyth   93 Gross

The extra August Medal prize;  The Miss Designer Golf Jacket, was won by Gill Kelleher in a very close card inward 6 result. Well done, Gill.



Ladies’ Foundation Stableford  –  Tuesday, 31st July 2018

1st     Sheila Allison  41 points

2nd    Fiona Fraser   38 points

3rd    Jane McLean   37 points


Ravelston Golf Club  –  Club Championships

23rd – 28th July 2018


Lady Champion  –  Paula McDougall

Runner Up  –  Katie Darling

Bronze Champion  –  Winnie Wilson

Bronze Runner Up  –  Jen Crosbie



July Medal  –  Tuesday, 17th July 2018

Silver Division

1st    Louise Soutar    67 Nett

Scratch    Katie Darling    75 Gross

2nd   Winnie Wilson   72 Nett

Bronze Division

1st    Sarah McLean   66 Nett

2nd   Isla Inglis   66 Nett

Scratch   Jen Crosbie   88 Gross


Blair Salver  –  Saturday, 14th July 2018

1st   Pat Horn & Ann Hunter

2nd  =   Anne Boobis & Jean Cooper

2nd  =   Ali Bruff & Alison Docherty






Ravelston Golf Club Ladies’ Open  –  Tuesday, 10th July 2018

1st Handicap  –   Iris Thomson, Dundas Park GC & Kathryn Lawson Dundas Park GC  63-6 Nett

2nd Handicap  –  Jenny Clark RGC  &  Linda Cartmell RGC  64 Nett

Scratch  –  Susan Corrie, Gullane Ladies  &  Anne Browne, Gullane Ladies  80 Gross ( Better Inward Half)

3rd Handicap  –  Helen Maxwell RGC  &  Winnie Wilson RGC  64-4 Nett

4th Handicap  –  Jane Crispin RGC  &  Helen Holton, Murrayfield GC  65-2 Nett

5th Handicap  –  Margaret Barr RGC  &  Deidre Shishodia     65-6 Nett

Putting Competition   –  Gwen Gray Ratho Park GC & Susan Wotherspoon Ratho Park GC  35-2 cms.

Nearest the Pin at the 9th and 18th Holes    –    Janice Duguid  RGC & Ann Murray- Smith  St Rule GC     29 Putts

The charity raffle for “Mary’s Meals” and “The Singing Group” raised  £426-32, thank you for your donations and your support.



Tri-Am Quaich  –  Saturday, 29th June 2018

1st Place   Ali Bruff, Margaret Barr & Dot Latimer

2nd  =  place   Gillian Pritchard, Fiona Kerr & Rhona Thomson

2nd  =  place    Shona Morland, Brenda Wingate & Christina Sives









Ladies’ 9 Hole Stableford  –  Tuesday, 26th June 2018

1st   Joan Kirkness  20 points

2nd  Moira Innes  20 points

3rd  Louise Madeley  19 points


Ladies’ Summer Meeting – Saturday, 23rd June 2018

Silver Division

Scratch    Shona Morland   75 Gross

1st Handicap   Katie Darling  70 Nett

2nd Handicap   Agnes Miller  70 Nett

Bronze Division

Scratch   Jenny Clark   88  Gross

1st Handicap   Elizabeth Duthie  66 Nett

2nd Handicap  Katy Lessells  66 Nett


Ladies’ June Stableford  –  Tuesday, 19th June 2018

1st  Yvonne Barrie   45 points

2nd  Jennifer MacDonald   42 points

3rd  Shona Morland   40 points


Ladies’ Medal and Championship Qualifier  –  Tuesday, 12th June 2018

Silver Division

1st Handicap   Barbara Duguid   67 Nett

Scratch  Paula McDougall   78 Gross

2nd Handicap  Fran Maclean   68 Nett

Bronze Division

1st Handicap   Jenny Clark  63 Nett

  Scratch  Winnie Wilson  85 Gross

2nd Handicap   Carol Daynes  64 Nett


Ladies’ 9 Hole June Stableford  –  Tuesday, 5th June 2018

1st  Liz East   20 points

2nd  Rosemary Ellvers  19 points

3rd  Valerie Stuart  18 points


Ladies’ Medal and Championship Qualifier –

Sunday, 27th May and Tuesday, 29th May 2018

Silver Division

Scratch   Paula McDougall   75 Gross

1st Handicap   Shona Morland   69 Nett

2nd Handicap    Frances Douglas  70 Nett

Bronze Division

1st Handicap   Kirsty McCulloch   66 Nett

2nd Handicap   Louise Madeley   67 Nett

Scratch   Winnie Wilson   90 Gross


Ladies’  Invitational Greensomes – Tuesday, 22nd May 2018

1st Handicap    Alison Clark & Jill Shepherdson, Murrayfield GC

Scratch   Gillian Pritchard & Mairi Deans, Murrayfield GC

2nd Handicap   Jane Mackie & Alison Loudon, Murrayfield GC

3rd Handicap   Anne Thomson & Sylvia Maclean, Craigielaw GC

4th Handicap   Eleanor Davidson & Di Denoon, Liberton GC

5th Handicap   Christina Lamont & Christine Sharp, Murrayfield GC

 Nearest the Pin   Christina Lamont & Christine Sharp, Murrayfield GC

Mystery Hole  (16th)    Annette Lamb & Amanda Lamb, Archerfield GC

2s Sweep

 Anne Thomson & Sylvia Maclean, Craigielaw GC

Eleanor Davidson & Di Denoon, Liberton GC

Christina Lamont & Christine Sharp, Murrayfield GC

Charity Hamper

was won by Marion Law, Prestonfield GC

£350 was raised from the Charity Raffle – Many Thanks


R&A 9-Hole Ladies’ Championship Qualifier – Sunday, 13th May 2018

1st   Rosemary Henaughen   19 pts

2nd   Yvonne Barrie   19 pts

3rd   Gillian Pritchard   18 pts


Ladies’ Spring Meeting  –  Saturday, 12th May 2018

Silver Division

Scratch   Paula McDougall  79 Gross

1st Handicap   Gillian Pritchard   72 Nett

2nd Handicap   –     no 2nd place as only 7 Silver Division entrants

Bronze Division

1st Handicap   Gill Kelleher  66  Nett

2nd Handicap   Moira Innes  69 Nett

Scratch   Jen Crosbie   92 Gross


May 9 Hole Stableford  –  1st May 2018

1st   Moira Innes   22 points

2nd   Camilla Leslie  18 points

3rd   Claire Fletcher  17 points


Jubilee Quaich Stableford – 22nd & 24th April 2018

1st   Gill Kelleher   43 points

2nd   Jan Forbes  41 points

3rd   Fiona Darling  40 points


April Medal – Saturday, 14th April 2018

Silver Division

1st Handicap  Barbara Duguid   72 Nett

Scratch  Shona Morland   86 Gross

2nd Handicap  Pat Horn  75 Nett

Bronze Division

1st Handicap  Rosemary Henaughen  72 Nett

Scratch  Fiona Fraser   94 Gross

2nd Handicap  Kirsty McCulloch  72 Nett


Coronation Foursomes – Tuesday, 10th April 2018

1st   Yvonne Barrie & Jan Forbes  33 points

2nd   Julie Docherty & Rhona Thomson  29 points


Winter Competitions 2017/18

Winter League


Silver Section

1st   Pat Forsyth   68 points

2nd   Ali Bruff   65 points

Bronze Section

1st  Rhona Thomson   84 points

2nd  Caroline Rees   72 points


Team 5 ;  Julie Docherty, Jane McLean, Pat Forsyth, Diane Ross, Camilla Leslie, Lesley Macpherson

Winter Foursomes

Winners  –   Pat Horn & Jane Crispin

Runners Up  –  Frances Douglas & Celia Nixon

Consolation Plate

Winners   –   Diane Ross & Carol Daynes

Runners Up   –   Barbara Watt & Liz Aitken


3 Club Stableford  –  Saturday, 24th March 2018

1st  Yvonne Barrie  37 points

2nd Margaret Langlands 36 points

Congratulations to Yvonne who got a Hole in One at the 5th.


February Stableford – Saturday, 24th February 2018

1st   Katy Lessells   36 points (bih)

2nd  Brenda Wingate   36 points

AGM Texas Scramble Competition – Saturday, 27th January 2018

1st  Kirsty McCulloch, Anne Boobis & Camila Leslie  36-6 strokes

2nd  Agnes Miller, Gill Kelleher & Jane Crispin 37-1 strokes


January Stableford – Saturday, 13th January 2018

1st   Yvonne Barrie   37 points

2nd  Pat Forsyth   34 points


2017 Results


Christmas Texas Scramble Competition – Saturday, 2nd December 2017

1st    Agnes Miller, Susan Thomson, Katy Lessells, Margaret Allen

2nd  Helen Maxwell, Liz East, Sandra Davidson



November Stableford Medal – Saturday, 4th November 2017

1st  Pat Horn  35 points

2nd  Gillian Pritchard  33 points


Closing Competition – Saturday, 28th October 2017

Pink Ball Tri-am

Winners  –  Anne Boobis, Fiona Darling, Fiona Hughes, Susan Gardiner

The biggest winner was Breast Cancer Fund Raising – well done to all.


Helen, Brenda & Irene show their support for ‘Wear it Pink’

October Stableford Medal – Saturday, 14th October 2017

1st Gillian Pritchard  36 points

2nd Shona Morland  33 points



Ladies’ Medal and Competition Finalists’ Medal – Saturday, 23rd September 2017


Congratulations to the winner – Eleanor Davidson



Ladies’ 9 Hole Stableford (Contingency Medal – cancelled competition on 6th June)  –  Tuesday, 5th September 2017

1st  Rosemary Henaughen  17 points

2nd  Christel Davidson  16 points

3rd  Gill Kelleher  16 points


Ladies’ September Medal  –  Saturday, 2nd September 2017

Silver Division

1st Handicap   Eleanor Davidson  65 Nett

Scratch   Frances Douglas  83 Gross

2nd Handicap  Jane McLean  74 Nett

Bronze Division

1st Handicap  Fiona Fraser  68 Nett

Scratch  Katy Lessells  96 Gross

2nd Handicap  Yvonne Barrie  75 Nett



Ladies’ Autumn Meeting  –  Saturday, 26th August 2017 

Silver Division

1st Handicap  Fran Maclean  70 Nett

Scratch  Katie Darling  79 Gross

2nd Handicap  Shona Morland  73 Nett

Bronze Division

Scratch  Winnie Wilson  92 Gross

1st Handicap  Katy Lessells  75 Nett

2nd Handicap  Jen Crosbie  77 Nett


Ladies’ 9 Hole Stableford  –  Tuesday, 22nd August 2017

1st  Alison Harrington  20 points

2nd  Doreen Wishart  18 points

3rd  Susan Mclean  18 points


Outing to Burntisland GC – 16th August 2017


Burntisland Outing winning team; Alison Clark, Susan Gardiner and Ruth Miller. Susan was also the individual winner of the Dot Liddel Tropy.


Ladies’ Spanswick Trophy  –  Tuesday, 15th August 2017

1st  Katie Darling  33 points

2nd  Fiona Hughes  32 points (better inward half)

3rd  Yvonne Barrie  32 points


Lady Captain’s Team    Vs    Lady Secretary’s Team  –  Saturday, 12th August 2017

Lady Captain’s Team had a resounding victory !!

Ladies’ Foundation Stableford – Tuesday, 8th August 2017

1st   Agnes Miller   34 points

2nd   Liz Duthie   34 points

3rd  Alison Harrington  33 points

Ladies’ August Medal – Tuesday, 1st August 2017

Silver Division

1st Handicap   Fran Maclean   68 Nett

2nd Handicap   Gillian Pritchard   69 Nett

Scratch   Katie Darling    79 Gross

Bronze Division

1st Handicap   Jenny Clark    77 Nett

Scratch   Winnie Wilson   95 Gross

2nd Handicap   Jane Crispin   74 Nett


MCLGA  –  5 A-Side Result

Monday, 31st July 2017

Ravelston GC   V   Merchants GC

Team;  Katie Darling, Shona Morland, Philly Stewart, Fran Maclean & Liz Findlay

Ravelston WIN


Club Championships   –   24th – 29th July 2017

Silver Division

Lady Champion  –  Katie Darling

Bronze Division

Champion  –  Anne Boobis


Ladies’ July Medal – Tuesday, 18th July 2017

Silver Division

1st Handicap   Susan Gardiner   67 Nett

2nd Handicap   Fran Maclean    70 Nett

Scratch   Katie Darling   79 Gross

Bronze Division

1st Handicap   Helen Maxwell   63 Nett

Scratch   Anne Boobis   86 Gross

2nd Handicap   Suzanne Aikman  66 Nett


Ladies’ Blair Salver 2 ball Foursomes  –  Saturday, 15th July 2017

1st place;   Shona Morland & Margaret Allen  69-5  Nett

2nd Place;  Gillian Pritchard & Brenda Wingate  70 Nett

Blair Salver Winners, Margaret Allen and Shona Moreland.

Ladies’  TRI – AM  –  Saturday, 1st July 2017

1st place;  Susan Gardiner, Anne Sibbald & Fiona Kerr

2nd place;  Liz Duthie, Helen Abernethy & Ruth Miller

Ladies’ June  9 Hole Stableford – Tuesday, 27th June 2017

1st Rosemary Henaughen 16 points

2nd Camilla Leslie 16 points

3rd Anne Mather 14 points

Ladies’ Summer Meeting & Championship Qualifier –

Saturday, 24th June 2017

Silver Division

Scratch   Katie Darling  83 Gross

1st Handicap   Susan Gardiner  71 Nett

2nd Handicap   Fran Maclean  73 Nett

Bronze Division

Scratch   Elizabeth Duthie   93 Gross

1st Handicap   Jane Crispin  69 Nett

2nd Handicap   Sarah McLean  70 Nett

MCLGA  5  a-side Result

Wednesday, 21st June 2017

Ratho GC  V  Ravelston GC

Team;  Paula McDougall, Katie Darling, Shona Morland, Philly Stewart, Gillian Pritchard

Result  0 – 5

Ladies’ June Stableford – Tuesday, 20th June 2017

1st Liz Duthie 40 points

2nd Jen Crosbie 38 points

3rd Anne Boobis 37 points

Ladies’ June Medal & Championship Qualifier –

Tuesday, 13th June 2017

Silver Division

1st Handicap   Paula McDougall  70 Nett

2nd Handicap   Philly Stewart  70 Nett

Scratch   Katie Darling  79 Gross

Bronze Division

1st Handicap   Elizabeth Duthie  70 Nett

2nd Handicap   Shona Watt  73 Nett

Scratch   Kirsty McCulloch   93 Gross

 MCLGA   5 a-side Result

Wednesday, 7th June 2017

Ravelston GC   V   Liberton GC

Team:  Paula McDougall, Katie Darling, Shona Morland, Philly Stewart, Fran Maclean

Result  5 – 0

Ladies’ May Medal & Championship Qualifier –

Sunday 28th May & Tuesday 30th May 2017

Silver Division

1st Handicap  Katie Darling 67 Nett

2nd Handicap  Shona Morland 70 Nett

Scratch  Paula McDougall 81 Gross

Bronze Division

1st Handicap  Jane Crispin 65 Nett

2nd Handicap  Liz Aitken 67 Nett

Scratch  Elizabeth Duthie 96 Gross

Ladies’ Invitational Greensomes – Tuesday, 23rd May 2017

1st Handicap    Julie Docherty & Ann Bunker

Scratch    Frances Douglas & Linda Wemys

2nd Handicap    Jane Crispin & Lyn Lawson

3rd Handicap    Anne Sibbald & Gail Joughin

4th Handicap    Sandra Simpson & Carol Scott

5th Handicap    Sheena Athanas & Carol North

Nearest the pin (2nd Hole)     Fiona Fraser & Hazel Gillon

Mystery Hole (4th Hole)    Dorothy Silver & M. Radcliff

1st Scratch Winners

MCLGA  5 a-side Result

Wednesday, 17th May 2017

Ravelston GC   V    Prestonfield GC

Team;  Paula McDougall, Shona Morland, Philly Stewart, Fran Maclean, Celia Nixon

Result  4.5  –  0.5

Ladies Spring Meeting & Championship Qualifier – Saturday, 13th May 2017


Silver Division

Scratch  Paula McDougall 81 Gross

1st Handicap  Gillian Pritchard 69 Nett

2nd Handicap  Louise Soutar 71 Nett

Bronze Division

Scratch  Kirsty McCulloch 92 Gross

1st Handicap  Jane Crispin 68 Nett

2nd Handicap  Helen Maxwell 71 Nett

MCLGA    5 a-side Result

(Midlothian County Ladies’ Golf Association)

Tuesday, 9th May 2017

Ravelston GC   V    Turnhouse GC

Team;   Paula McDougall, Shona Morland, Fran Maclean, Celia Nixon, Frances Douglas

Result 1 – 4

Ladies May 9 Hole Stableford – Tuesday, 2nd May 2017

1st Suzanne Aikman 19 points

2nd Val Muldoon 19 points

3rd Julie Docherty 19 points

on count-back.

Well done, 61 competitors took part. We think this is a Ravelston ladies Record

Ladies Coronation Foursomes –Tuesday 12th April 2017


Julie Docherty & Susan Gardiner
32 points

Runners up

Liz Aitken and Barbara Watt

30 points

Ladies April Medal – Saturday 8th April 2017

Silver Division

1st Handicap Gillian Pritchard 70 Nett

2nd Handicap Pat Forsyth 72 Nett

Scratch Barbara Duguid 91 Gross

Bronze Division

1st Handicap Brenda Wingate 74 Nett

2nd Handicap Anne Sibbald 74 Nett

Scratch Fiona Fraser 100 Gross